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Go Green Award 🌍

Our UoB-BCS Student Chapter has been recognised by the University and students! Our founders have received the Go Green Award for forming and running the UoB-BCS Student Chapter, which actively promotes sustainability, particularly advocating for Green IT practices, emphasising the importance of IT and technology in a green future!

CST Poster Day

It was wonderful to take part in the CST Poster Day on Friday the 3rd of May to promote the ways in which the BCS can UoB graduates-to-be in their careers. It was wonderful to see all the brilliant ideas and innovations that UoB students and graduates-to-be had come up with for their final year projects! The event was brilliant for showcasing the achievements of students and their skills to peers, faculty, and regional business and industry partners.

We were honoured to participate in the CST Project Poster Day, directly engaging with other students and showcasing the benefits of getting involved with the BCS, their resources and networks to their professional journeys in technology.


The Launch of The BCS Digital Pioneers: Recoding our Future Trailer

Founding members of our student chapter attended a wonderful BCS event where we learnt about something brilliant:

The BCS is teaming up with Content With Purpose (CWP) on a digital series called “Digital Pioneers: Recoding our Future” showcasing how IT is addressing major global challenges and advancing sustainable development goals. The series will feature a mix of interviews, short films, and a documentary, emphasising the role of technology in sectors like health, education, environmental protection, and economic growth. Set to launch in April 2024, the series will explore the impact of emerging technologies like AI and blockchain, focusing on innovation, public trust, and ethical computing.

The collaboration between the BCS and CWP actually began with another series; “Net Zero: A Digital Journey”, so be sure to tune in to both!

Watch the trailer below!

There was also a wonderful panel discussion Rashik Parmar, Kitty Hung – PhD, CITP, FBCS, MIIBA , Charlene Hunter MBE, and Andrew Stanford-Clark!

A big thank you to the BCS for such a brilliant initiative and event, we can’t wait to watch it!

Rethinking AI and its impact on Business and Humanity