UoB Students Tackling the Digital Divide in Local Society

In collaboration with TAFU, we are launching a community outreach initiative offering basic computing courses tailored for the elderly, disabled, and lower-income youth. We plan to prepare a campaign and collaborate with institutions.

Courses would focus on essential computing skills for everyday use, aiming to bridge the digital divide and empower these communities with the tools for a more productive and connected life. By equipping them with knowledge in email, internet browsing, with great emphasis on cyber security and online safety, and basic software applications, we can significantly contribute to their independence and societal participation and as such we could contribute to our society growth.

We would run these sessions at a place of our convenience, but also wish to visit elderly people’s homes, disabled people, lower-class youth, and other groups that are less digitally equipped.

This not only aligns with our commitment to making IT beneficial for all but also strengthens BCS’s community presence. We believe we can make a meaningful difference and can implement this initiative effectively.

We are now seeking volunteers to take part in this project! Volunteers would engage by:

  • Creating course content that should always be covered
  • Creating an outreach campaign
  • Identifying opportunities where the course would be most helpful
  • Taking part in the delivery of courses
  • And much more!

Contact us at [email protected] to get involved!